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Vibration Analysis

The most commonly used method for rotating machines is called vibration analysis. Measurements can be taken on machine bearing casings with seismic or piezo-electric transducers to measure the casing vibrations, and on the vast majority of critical machines, with eddy-current transducers that directly observe the rotating shafts to measure the radial (and axial) vibration of the shaft. The level of vibration can be compared with historical baseline values such as former start-ups and shutdowns, and in some cases established standards such as load changes, to assess the severity

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Vibration Analysis Services

If machines exhibit unacceptably strong vibrations, how they are caused is the question, which faces the operator and manufacturer Of course, sources of vibration can be found by the step-by-step replacement of components, such as drive motor, coupling, bearing, drive shaft or gearbox.

Vibration Analysis can use the units of Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration displayed as a Time Waveform (TWF), but most commonly the spectrum is used, derived from a Fast Fourier Transform of the TWF. The vibration spectrum provides important frequency information that can pinpoint the faulty component.

The fundamentals of vibration analysis can be understood by studying the simple mass–spring–damper model. Indeed, even a complex structure such as an automobile body can be modeled as a “summation” of simple mass–spring–damper models. The mass–spring–damper model is an example of a simple harmonic oscillator. The mathematics used to describe its behavior is identical to other simple harmonic oscillators such as the RLC circuit.

Vibration Measuring Equipment

Vibration Measuring Equipment

We are a trusted name engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Vibration Measuring Equipment to the customers. Manufactured using optimum quality raw material which is obtained from authentic vendors of the industry, these products are demanded extensively and are appreciated for their robustness and durable standards. We make these products available to the customers in varied specifications, in order to suit their exact requirements.

Microprocessor based Vibration Measuring Equipment

This is a microprocessor based Vibration Measuring Equipment, analysis and balancing instrument with memory for Analysis results and PC data transfer for trending the spectral information and printing Magnitude v/s frequency plots

Balancing Programs

It also has inbuilt balancing programs for 1-plane and 2-plane balancing

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