The results of these tests yield information that can save maintenance dollars, avoid unnecessary repairs, and help lower repair costs. Particles, moisture, soot, heat, air, glycol, fuel, detergents and process fluids are all contaminants commonly found in industriallubricants and hydraulic fluids.

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Oil Services

However, it’s particle contamination that is widely recognized as the most destructive to the oil and machine, This explains why the particle counter is the most widely used instrument in oil analysis today.

Early Detection can.

  • Reduce catastrophic failures
  • Reduce non-scheduled downtime
  • Extend oil drain Intervails
  • Extend equipment life
  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures

Oil Analysis Services

Oil Analysis is defined as collecting and analyzing lubricant properties and internal contamination in order to determine machine condition. Oil analysis allows the user to determine what particulate or contaminants are present in the machine. The metel particles detected in the sample could be indicative of an internal wear issue. The non-metal particles could suggest that water or other contaminants could be present, breaking down the lubrication properties. Oil analysis saves the user a significant amount of time and money.

Oil Analysis Projects

Regular inspection of lubrication level, color and viscosity are all part of Oil Analysis.


Analytical Ferrography

Analytical ferrography is among the most powerful diagnostic tools in oil analysis today. When implemented correctly it provides a tremendous return on your oil analysis dollars. Yet, it is frequently excluded from oil analysis programs because of its comparatively high price and a general misunderstanding of its value.

Test Procedure

The test procedure is lengthy and requires the skill of a trained analyst. As such, these are significant costs in performing analytical ferrography not present in other oil analysis tests.

Significant Benefit

If time is taken to fully understand what analytical ferrography uncovers, most agree that the benefits significanthy outweigh the costs and elect to automatically incorporate it when abnormal wear is encountered.

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