Laser Alignment

Shaft alignment is the process to align two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin. It is an absolute requirement for machinery before the machinery is put in service.

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Laser Alignment Services

When a driver like an electric motor or a turbine is coupled to a pump, a generator, or any other piece of equipment, it is essential that the shafts of the two pieces are aligned. Any misalignment between the two increases the stress on the shafts and will almost certainly result in excessive wear and premature breakdown of the equipment.

This can be very costly. When the equipment is down, production might be down. Also bearings or mechanical seals may be damaged and need to be replaced. Flexible couplings are designed to allow a driver (electric motor, engine, turbine, hydraulic motor) to be connected to the driven equipment. Flexible couplings use an elastomeric insert to allow a slight degree of misalignment.

Types of misalignment

There are two types of misalignment: parallel and angular misalignment. With parallel misalignment, the center lines of both shafts are parallel but they are offset. With angular misalignment, the shafts are at an angle to each other.

Types of misalignment Projects

Our precision alignment services increase machine uptime and productivity while lowering energy and operating costs.

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