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Vinay Sharma

Technical Head of Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services,



Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services Established in 1996, Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services has been providing services in the field of vibration Analysis, Dynamic balancing, Condition Monitoring, Thermography, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, MPI and DPI to the Sugar, cement, chemical and many other manufacturing industries.

Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services is fully equipped with the state of the art technology available in this field. Our engineers have done extensive work at various sites and are capable enough to tackle the critical field problems.

Experience in different Industries and on different machines is our specialty and is the difference between Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services and all the rest. Conducting vibration analysis and ultrasonic flaw detection takes tremendous skill and knowledge, which only comes with the in field experience. Machines are the lifelines of any industry and Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services has the experts in its team with the experience and technology to accurately diagnose and solve the machinery problems.

We offer the following services to our valued clients:

Formulating a predictive maintenance for the complete plant.
Providing field services such as Vibration Measurement and Frequency Analysis.
Providing onsite Balancing & NDT services.
Suggesting appropriate equipment for preventing maintenance.

ywall/acoustical ceilings, minor excavation and general conditions.



Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


We have operated with an unwavering commitment honesty and integrity.


Our commitment to predictive maintenance and sustainability is long-standing.

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